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Community Acupuncture

Community Acupuncture is available at less than half the cost of private acupuncture because it is streamlined for efficiency. Patients can expect the same level of excellent care and treatment outcomes as private acupuncture but with communal care in a peaceful setting. This is authentic acupuncture and Oriental medicine!

Patients can help keep costs down by doing their part:

  • Showing Up on Time

  • Dressing Correctly

  • Scheduling & Pre-paying Online

This video is a great example of the Community Acupuncture (CA) Experience!

What is Expected from You?

An educated and informed patient is a good CA patient so please read over all of the information below. We rely on the cooperation of the patient community to sustain this service. 

Scheduling & Payment

It would be very helpful if you can schedule and pre-pay online. CA's don't have a receptionist or person answering the phone for scheduling, or a staff member collecting payment; just an acupuncturist providing excellent care. That being said, we are able to take payments in the clinic. For cash payments, you must bring the exact amount.

Come to the CA Clinic Prepared
  • Patients should not be overly hungry or full

  • We cannot needle into dirty skin, so come in clean

  • Do not wear perfumed lotion or products

  • Turn off your phone before entering the building

  • Use the restroom before your treatment


You will not be disrobing in a CA clinic. The acupuncturist needs to reach areas on your legs and arms; where shorts and short-sleeved shirts or very loose-fitting clothes that you can pull up.

Maintain a Quiet Healing Space for All

Please be aware that it is not appropriate to chat or visit with others in a community clinic. Communal healing requires respect for all patients. Please turn off your phone before entering the community clinic or, better yet, leave it in the car. Even scrolling messages without the volume on is very distracting for other patients and is counterproductive for your own healing experience.

Photos/selfies are prohibited for patient privacy reasons.

Fill Out Patient Forms

Each time you come into the clinic you will grab a clipboard and pen and update your condition. New patients have more forms to fill out and can download them from here and print them at home. If you must fill out new patient forms in the clinic, please arrive 20 minutes early.

Take Off Your Shoes

You will sit in a designated chair and take off your shoes and socks. If mobility issues prevent you from getting in and out of your chair or removing shoes and socks, you need to bring an assistant to help you.

Store Personal Items Out of the Way

Place your shoes, purse, keys, and other items in the basket provided where others won't trip over them. Remember that the acupuncturist must maneuver all the way around your chair.


Make yourself comfortable by bringing earbuds, eye masks, a throw blanket (our space is kept cool), or pillows for your self-comfort. None of these items are required.


Between appointments, it is important that you practice good lifestyle practices and self-care such as herbal therapies, yoga or taiqi, massage therapy, and meditation. We want you to heal quickly so that you can spread the word about CA! Learn more here!

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