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Patient Resources

We will have forms available at the clinic if you are unable to download and print them. Allow extra time for filling out forms before your treatment time.
New Patient Forms

Print these 2 forms, fill them out and bring them to your first treatment:

Return Patient Form

Fill out this form and bring it to subsequent treatments:


Is it necessary to have a consult with Dr. Browne before beginning Community Acupuncture (CA)?

Absolutely not! Dr. Browne has decades of experience practicing in busy integrative offices and hospitals; she can assess your situation quickly and form a treatment plan using your filled-out intake form and Chinese diagnostic skills.

How can I help?

Please help spread the word about CA by posting our website url address on your social media such as Facebook, X, Instagram, etc. Unfortunately, for patient privacy, you will not be able to take photos or selfies in the clinic.

What is the weight limit for your treatment chairs? 275 lbs.


How long is a session in CA? About 45 minutes

Are children allowed in the CA clinic?

Children and babies can be very disruptive in CA clinic. We do have a waiting area where your child can sit and read a book if you are relatively certain that they will stay quiet and stationery. Dr. Browne does treat children, but they must be happily willing to be needled; a child protesting or crying in CA clinic is disruptive to the other patients. Dr. Browne does not treat babies in CA clinic.


Do you reuse needles? No, that would be against the law. We use disposable-single-use needles only.

Do you offer other Chinese medical therapies such as cupping, moxa, e-stim, and so on? No, not in the Community Acupuncture clinic.

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How many treatments will I need?

How can I be a good Community Acupuncture citizen?


Masking helps to protect our most vulnerable patient population. During low-risk periods masking is not required but appreciated. We do ask that you mask in the community clinic when Covid-19, influenza, or other communicable diseases are spreading through the community and we may require masks.

Self-Care Links

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Educational Links

Causes of Disease in Chinese Medicine

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Order Dr. Browne's Self-care Ageless Herbs® remedies here!

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