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Community Acupuncture would not be available in North Wilkesboro without the kind and generous support of the Blue Ridge Tranquility & Wellness Center!

Make sure to check out our lovely reflexologist, Nicole Wagoner! Your feet, brain, and body will thank you!

Most people want to speak to Dr. Browne for 3 main reasons:

  1. To ask if she can treat their condition

  2. To find out what the chances are that she can cure their condition

  3. To find out how many treatments they may need for their specific condition

Unfortunately, Dr. Browne cannot assess your specific situation until she sees you in person. Here is a link to the conditions addressed. 


Please do not include your personal health information in any messages. Dr. Browne can not answer health questions by email or over the phone Thank you for understanding!


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807 Main St.
North Wilkesboro, NC

Next to Talia Espresso
‪(336) 818-9535‬‬

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