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Community Acupuncture $65

We want to make high-quality authentic acupuncture affordable to a wide swath of the community. You will need a series of 10-20 treatments likely, so paying a sustainable amount each week is important for good outcomes. To help keep the cost of community acupuncture down, please schedule and pay online.

Sliding Scale $45-$55

We have a sliding scale of $45-$55 for Community Acupuncture only. It's an honor system and you decide whether you need to use the sliding scale and how much you can pay. 

Please pay as much as you can afford; we rely on the support of our community to keep our services available and affordable.


30-minute Consult with Dr. Browne $100

This is optional and completely unnecessary. Dr. Browne has decades of experience practicing in busy clinics and hospitals; she can assess your situation quickly and form a treatment plan using your filled-out intake form and Chinese diagnostic skills without an interview. (Consult is Pre-paid service only-please use the contact page to request this service)


We provide a receipt at the time of services when requested so that you can try to file with your insurance company. Check with your insurance provider for details. Unfortunately, acupuncture is not well-covered in North Carolina at this time. Dr. Browne does not communicate with insurance agencies on your behalf.



Acupuncture is covered by HSAs and FSAs in almost all cases. Prescribed herbs are sometimes covered.

Medicare-VA Benefits

We do not file Medicare or VA claims.


Missed Appointment Charges

Please be aware that we have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you miss your appointment or cancel or change it within 24 hours of the appointment we will charge your credit card for the full appointment amount.

Patient Forms-$4 per page

If you need your patient forms to transfer to another provider or for your personal needs, you must physically pick them up from Dr. Browne. Allow 1-2 weeks.

Past Historical Receipts-$8 each

If you fail to request a receipt at the time of your treatment or lose your receipts and need it for tax purposes or insurance claims, you will have to pick them up directly from Dr. Browne. Allow 1-2 weeks.


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